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Greenhouse Erbil

State of the art 


Affordable Greenhouses have the potential to revolutionise the agricultural landscape for smallholder farmers in the Kurdistan Region.

Research WHC

Research and Development

At Green Eastland we aim for a leading position in testing, inspection, verification, quality control and certification in the Middle East. 

WHC Naaldwijk

Vocational Training and Higher Education 

In order to reshape the agricultural industry of Iraq, one does not only introduce tech and research into the region without having a facility that offers training and education.



We started working on growing food back in 2008, because we wanted to be able to offer healthier food to our people and develop this beautiful sector by adapting technology and Data.

The improvement of social - and economical security incl. improvement in our geopolitical strength are also part of this dream. We quickly became obsessed with this dream.

Adapting technology in agriculture usually come after an important investment, and in our case quick wins from imports and less attention for local product which competing with low prices from import still have a long road ahead.

Long term commitment and investing in farmers with very narrow margins, are facts that our government and private sector are avoiding for a long time. Therefore, there is no place for big investments, and, if there is not a lot of money, research on innovation simply does not happen.

In consequence, this industry is starting to suffer from this crisis.


Our Founders.

With over 40 years of invaluable experience, Badraddin has become a well known name in the local industry. Throughout his illustrious career, Badraddin has witnessed the evolving landscape of agricultural practices and recognized the urgent need for sustainable solutions to feed our growing population.

Driven by his passion for environmental conservation and food security, Badraddin has invested a significant portion of his life into creating the New Erbil Food Distribution Center making it the biggest Agricultural Project in Iraq.

To complement Badraddin's wealth of experience, enter the co-founder and CEO, a young visionary who breathes innovation. This enterprising individual, brings a fresh perspective and dynamic approach to the table. Drawing inspiration from his diverse background in technology and entrepreneurship, Rawas envisions a future where cutting edge advancements merge seamlessly with traditional agricultural practices.

Together, Badraddin and Rawas form a formidable team, blending decades of experience with a fresh perspective. Their shared mission to revolutionize the greenhouse sector and address the pressing issue of food security drives them forward. With their complementary strengths, unwavering dedication, and a commitment to sustainable practices, this dynamic duo is poised to shape the future of agriculture and pave the way for a more secure and prosperous world. 


75 ha


50 ha


Greenhouse in Iraq

Greenhouses in Phase 1 only



Newest Food Distribution Center in Iraq







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Head Office

New Erbil Food Distribution Centre

Gwer Road, Erbil, Iraq

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