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Being responsible for so many aspects of food distribution can make it a challenging task to keep an overview,  especially when it comes to determining growth in quality, quantity and pricing optimization strategies. Considering the ever-changing, fast-paced global market and customer demands, it ask for a lot of effort to keep up with all the data and information.

It is our goal to provide a fast, independent data collection and business intelligence reporting service that can support public sector’s - and private sector’s (farmers and businessmen) decision-making on reform, investment, new products and new services, as part of our services at the Erbil Food Distribution Center.

Looking at this project from a different angle: 

After the start of the World Horti Center Erbil (WHC Erbil) in partnership with WHC Netherlands, we can offer support throughout the process of growing, market and technical research - from establishing the methodology and performing the data collection analysis, up to the data analysis reporting. Our goals is to enhance our expertise in physical, environmental and commodity data in the agricultural sector.


The data chain refers to the sequence of activities from data capture to decision making and data marketing. It includes all activities that are needed to manage data for farm management.  Being an integral part of business processes, the data chain consists necessarily of a technical layer that captures raw data and converts in into information and a business layer that makes decisions and derives value from provided data services and business intelligence.

Green Eastland provides a fast, independent data collection and reporting services that can underpin your decision-making on investment, new products, services and much more. At Green Eastland we will guide you through all steps.

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