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Affordable Greenhouses have the potential to revolutionise the agricultural landscape for smallholders farmers in Kurdistan Region. Greenhouses are permanent poly-covered structures that allow farmers to grow vegetables and fruit year-round through mechanically controlled temperature and irrigation system. To use a greenhouse, farmers simply plant their crops under the greenhouse where the microclimate is much more favourable for plant growth. While greenhouses are new technology to Kurdistan, commercial farmers could use them to boost year-round productivity - our research on materials, design concepts and construction process in the Netherlands have contributed to an innovative product that create value through its low-cost and accessibility to small-scale, rural farmers.


Green Eastland’s affordable Greenhouses provides shelter from both the heavy rains and scorching sun, and decreases likelihood of crop failure from the heavier monsoons and drought.m Greenhouses are usable year-round and provides a more controlled environment for agriculture, reduce water consumption, and ensures crop production despite seasonal fluctuations     in weather. Being able to cultivate crops year-round guarantees greater food security and simultaneously ensures that farmers have a decreased risk of seasonal time to market with regular farmers (non-greenhouses users). 

More specifically 


  • Access to experts from construction to operation of the greenhouse, with supervisor role related to agronomy, nutrition and market linkages from the Netherlands

  • Total cost under  $1.5 million for 1 ha greenhouse with Dutch technology

  • Expandable design, enabling farmers to increase the size of greenhouse when needed 

  • Seven to eight years of lifespan

  • High social impact market segment, including subsistence farmers, mostly women

  • Addresses the problem of seasonal time to market with year-round crop production

  • Crop yield increase by at least 300% compared to conventional farming

  • Water consumption can be reduced up to 60%

  • Growing time reduced by 30%, tomatoes for instance that take 3 months to grow conventionally, but can be grown in 2 months in greenhouses

  • Fast Return On Investment:

    • 2 years with export to international markets

    • 4 years with trading in local markets

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