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World Horti Center Erbil

World Horti Center Erbil will be the knowledge and innovation center for international Agri - and Horticultural research and business. A leading platform where research, education, business and government of KRI jointly innovate, connect, inspire and share knowledge. We connect parties who want to contribute in sustainable food supply and greening the world. Here is a complete reflection of technology, supply, floriculture and food horticulture.

At Green Eastland we aim for a leading pioneer in testing, inspection, verification and certification position in Middle East. We provide a complete range of services for every phase of the agricultural production cycle, from research and development regarding inputs through to harvesting.


We offer you unique Dutch agricultural experience and expertise, the last technologies, state-of-the art laboratories, experienced staff, a unique global network and access to Dutch private sector. As a result, we can support you on an international basis with customized and innovative solutions.


Well-developed intellectual property rights are typically necessary to encourage the private sector to engage in agricultural research centred on saleable research products. We decided to maintain the financing role and the production role, and delegate the provision to the Kurdistan Regional Government in this agricultural project.

  • Continuous participatory on-field diagnostic work

  • Organizing groups of farmers, promoting on-field trial and experimentation for different varieties 

  • Teaching farmers controlled experimentation methods

  • Reporting on diagnostic work, adaptive research, field training and technology adoption

  • Arrangements of regular monthly meetings of field agents and subject matter specialists

  • Consolidating and analyzing information on diagnostic work and technology adoption

  • Exchanging views about farmers’ problems and available technology to answers with research organizations

  • Suggesting research themes arising out of diagnostic work and adoption problems

  • Liaise with local units of research organizations, organize joint programs of work

  • Liaison with other extension organizations, organize exchange of experiences

  • Routine training of field agents

  • Preparation of annual SMS and field agents work plans

  • Budgeting of field units operational activities

  • Preparation of work plan for central units

  • Budgeting of central units activities

  • Preparation and approval of the consolidated budget

  • Release of funds to field units

  • Monitoring the performance of field units

  • Reporting on the use of funds

  • Controlling the accounts of field units

  • Preparation of consolidated accounts

  • Evaluating the outcome (impact) of field activities and beneficiaries assessment

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